Sarah Scaturro, Head Conservator at The Costume Institute, Metropolitan Museum of ArtNew York City

"There are few professionals who have Carmen's level of expertise, knowledge, and passion for implementing sustainable strategies into the fashion system. I'm consistently impressed with Carmen's ability to identify key areas and solutions for the creation and consumption of ethical and environmental products. She is a rare sustainable leader who has the ability to synthesize theories with design practice, as evidenced by her work with prisoners in Mexico to create desirable and ethical products. She is also a knowledgeable and inspiring lecturer on the topic of sustainable fashion and fashion anthropology".

Eduardo Escobedo, Director at Responsible Ecosystems Sourcing Platform (RESP) Geneva Area, Switzerland

Carmen is a very passionate and inspiring sustainable fashion professional, with a deep understanding of the issues related to materials, sourcing, design, and transformation process. This is coupled by a firm sense of ethics and strict observance of the highest sustainability criteria. I am positive she will continue to influence change towards a more sustainable fashion industry.

Ruth DeGolia, Executive Director, Mercado Global, New York City

Carmen is a leader in the field of Sustainable Fashion. She is involved with many of the most innovative and highest impact enterprises in this sector, and has a thorough understanding of the challenges, opportunities and pitfalls faced by enterprises and initiatives in this field. 

She is one of the few people who fully understands not only the needs and opportunities around sustainable sourcing in the mainstream fashion industry, but also how to successfully implement sustainable sourcing initiatives. 

Carmen is pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking design or consulting support in this field.

Jasmine Aarons, Founder, CEO, and Design Director at VOZ, New York City

Carmen Artigas is one of the most passionate, talented women I have ever met. Ever since she began advising me at VOZ, she has helped take our fashion business to a new level, and shown extraordinary commitment to our designs and ethical mission. Learning from her artistic talent, intelligence, and global compassion is an honor.

Jessica Marati, Manager Corporate Responsibility, PVH Corp. New York City

I was Carmen's student when she taught a two-part Ethical Fashion class at FIT, and I later worked with her on a number of events in New York's sustainable design community. Carmen is an incredibly passionate and inspiring leader in this space. She has an encyclopedic knowledge about fashion, textiles, and the environment, drawing from her wide range of work experience. But more than that, she has an infectious energy and evident passion for her work. She is unafraid to question the status quo, engage in dialogue, and push the envelope on what it means to be sustainable. This makes her a force to be reckoned with - one that I'm sure will a major player in creating the change that is needed in fashion!