The fashion industry is one of the earth's biggest polluters. Successful, contemporary brands re-envision themselves as part of the solution, implementing preventive measures and restorative practices. Brands now have the tools to creatively develop products that are beautiful, commercial and sustainable. Carmen's mission is to bring sustainability and ethics into the design process and to empower designers and brands to make responsible decisions about sourcing and manufacturing

From strategy to execution, Carmen Artigas works closely with clients to integrate sustainable practices, while keeping a competitive edge. From businesses and nonprofits, to trade organizations and educational institutions, Carmen provides you with the complete sustainable brand package: supply chain management, design and development, and education and training.

Head Conservator at The Costume Institute, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York 
Sarah Scaturro:

"There are few professionals who have Carmen's level of expertise, knowledge, and passion for implementing sustainable strategies into the fashion system. I'm consistently impressed with Carmen's ability to identify key areas and solutions for the creation and consumption of ethical and environmental products. She is a rare sustainable leader who has the ability to synthesize theories with design practice...."