After some years teaching ethical fashion in NY, I decided to create my own definition of ethical fashion in hopes of creating a common language:


1. Design quality products that last, understanding their footprint and lifecycle

2. Source textiles and materials with positive social and environmental value chain

3. Establish transparent sourcing and manufacturing practices

4. Ensure fair living wages, safe working conditions and support workers’ rights

5. Avoid toxic pesticides and chemical use, by preferring certified materials

6. Apply resource efficiency and clean energy alternatives: water, electricity, fuel

7. Avoid waste at all costs and maximize material usage

8. Promote responsible marketing and minimize packaging

9. Protect animal rights

10. Apply restorative and preventive measures that counter damaging patterns of consumption


• Increase Awareness: Train managers and employees by launching initiatives

• Go Local: sourcing and manufacturing is a great option to lower your footprint

• Recycle: Set up recovery systems for your product by connecting to recycling initiatives such as I:CO

• Communicate your environmental and social commitment to your stakeholders

© 2014 Carmen Artigas